inauguration by Sj. Krishna Kant (Former Vice President of India) and Sj. Naveen Patnaik (Chief Minister of Odisha)

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Institute  is serving a population of four million in the districts of Mayurbhanj, Balasore, Bhadrak and Keonjhar in North Odisha as well as needy ones from neighboring states of Jharkhand and West Bengal..

Our hospital was inaugurated by Sj. Krishna Kant (Former Vice President of India) and Sj. Naveen Patnaik (Chief Minister of Odisha) on 28th December, 2000.

Set up in an Ashramic environment of a tribal inhabited village Rangamatia, 3kms away from Rasgovindpur block headquarter in Mayurbhanj district, our eye hospital has managed to reach the doorstep of the needy ones in remotest parts with the help of outreach screening camps.

Mainly, the high ratio of blindness among the people of North Odisha has inspired us to face complicated eye care challenges and help decrease the number of visually impaired by providing necessary & immediate treatments.

With 19 years of existence in the rurals, we have proudly treated over 5,00,000 patients in our hospital’s  and Outreach OPD and have helped more than 85,000 Eye   Patients in retrieving their vision through cataract surgeries and medications.


Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Institute is a symbol of ‘Gram Swaraj’- 

the basic value premise of Mahatma Gandhi.

Right to Sight and Reaching the Unreached”.

By means of high quality modern instruments and equipment as well as high commitment and sincerity, Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital & Research Institute has earned the reputation of being an apex eye care institution in the North Odisha.

We believe unawareness and ignorance to be among the prime reasons leading to high density blindness in rural areas. Hence, apart from offering curative measures at our base hospital, we also emphasize in spreading awareness about Blindness among the people in the interiors of Odisha.

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Insititute NGO reaching the unreached....

Reaching the Unreached Communities

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Insititute NGO eye testing....

Eliminating avoidable blindness with a comprehensive community eye-care approach

Mahatma Gandhi Eye Hospital and Research Insititute NGO providing using latest technology....
Quality Policy

To deliver quality eye care, affordable to all, with utmost safety, dignity and efficacy, ensuring Patient satisfaction.

Our Values

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To Serve

To serve the community in control of blindness through preventive, curative and promoting measures by establishing eye care services in rural areas of Odisha.

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To Integrate

To integrate the permanently blind, predicted blind as well as the poor-sighted people into common society.

To Combat

To combat avoidable and unavoidable blindness in the Northern region of Odisha with a comprehensive community eye care concept to organize Outreach Screening Camps to provide eye care facilities to the rural and tribal communities.

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To Create

To create awareness among the communities by distributing information related to eye diseases in local languages and promote awareness generation program among school and college students.

We are grateful for the contributions of Institutions

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Sight Savers

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Helpage India

Dept. of Health &
Family Welfare

Help our organization

in providing accessible, affordable, and sustainable eye-care services in the extreme rurals of Odisha.

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